Helpful Apps

Using Events & Registrations?

Download this FREE handy check-in app on your mobile device.Track and monitor registrations for your events.
Easily confirm attendance and registration by first name, last name, and email address.

"Check-in" your registrants and guests by name, ticker number or QR code scan and mark them as attendees.Browse the registrant list of future events (check-in available on the date an event occurs).

Quick Import from Outlook

Import contacts and transfer contact data from your Microsoft Outlook folders, distribution lists, groups and categories into Constant Contact.

Save time by uploading contact information from Microsoft Outlook
Upload individual contacts or groups of contacts (including categories, distribution lists and more), Select which contact details (such as name, address, custom fields etc.) you want to import. Update or add new contacts with just a few clicks

Contact Capture Tool for Desktops, iPads, Androids

Save time and effort by adding and updating Constant Contact contacts directly from your desktop on your computer with our Contact Capture Tool.

The Contact Capture Tool Version 2.1 by Constant Contact is a free, downloadable contact import tool for your Windows or Macintosh desktop. It allows you to quickly add or update a contact without opening a web browser.

•    Add a new email address to any or all of your lists in Constant Contact
•    Quickly update the list subscriptions for a contact that is already in your Constant Contact account
•    Add or update up to four of your contacts Constant Contact details
•    Runs on your desktop without any web browser needed

*You may also need to install Adobe AIR Runtime

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