About Us

About Us

We wanted to share with you a video from Constant Contact "Tips from the Top" that featured our business as one of the outstanding solution providers, offering the value proposition "Because We Care Too Much"....  

Starts at approx. 31 minutes into the below video.

Our Mission

It is our mission to work one-on-one with our clients to guide them through the maze of Internet marketing and all of the newest on-line programs social media has to offer. It is our pledge to recommend just the right kind of programs we believe will enhance the goals you have set. We adhere to best practices throughout all of the projects and will deliver quality work your audiences deserve.

Company Overview

Shark Bite Marketing is a multi-level Internet marketing and social media company providing businesses and non-profits with expert advice and services clients normally would not have the time or expertise to handle. Whether it’s developing and managing Facebook pages, creating email newsletters, providing social campaigns, or designing web pages, we provide excellent customer service by working with our clients every step of the way and on time.

Master Certification - What does it mean?

The Constant Contact Master Certification was created to give select Solution Providers a means to differentiate themselves in terms of:
• Their knowledge and use of the Constant Contact Toolkit.
• Their interaction with and ability to delight small business clients.
• Their skill to deliver valuable services and solutions locally.

Elaine Morin

Elaine began the Internet marketing and social media company in 2006 as Freedom Email Solutions. She has been a businesswoman in retail and agricultural businesses in northern Vermont since the 1980s with a degree in Business Administration. Her vast knowledge of customer service and bookkeeping services made it an easy transition to start her own company. Having delved into the fledgling world of computers during the industry’s early growth period, Elaine’s inquisitive nature to learn more about computers and software pointed her in the direction of helping small businesses negotiate through the maze of social media marketing. Her goal is to provide the absolute personal, prompt and effective marketing strategies, adapted to individual schedules, and to send advertising messages to those business owners need the most -- their customers.

Dale Smith
Vice President  

Dale is a journalist by trade and a former communications director for two professional national associations based in the Washington, D.C. area. He grew up in northern Vermont where he started his journalism career in local radio, television, and newspaper businesses. He was editor of several community-based weekly newspapers in Northern and Central Virginia for 25 years before moving to New Smyrna Beach in 2008 where he continued to work in the communications field before joining with Elaine and Shark Bite Marketing.


Resident Special Correspondent ~ Buster is our Wire-Haired Mini Dachshund who adopted his new family in 2009. Any visit to our office will include a special meet-and-greet with Buster. When you sign up for our monthly newsletters Buster will always have a section in it on various topics, including YouTube video favorites of his best friends.

His latest favorite video is below. He knows he could beat all of these dogs.

Keep checking back for his latest favorites....

Buster's current favorite video....
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