Email Training / Facebook Mgmt

Want to manage your own account?

Need help getting your email marketing off the ground, but want to manage your own account?

Look no further. We utilize Constant Contact for our email marketing platform, and are your local experts in getting you started. 

Why Constant Contact? Because we feel they have been the experts on small business marketing for 15 years! 

So you need training?

The right training will help you take the reins of your Constant Contact marketing outreach efforts.

Avoid the time consuming learning curve associated with working with  a new product -  with our training you will have professional results in no time. Training available for the SE Volusia County area, NSB, FL.

Customized to your needs, Shark Bite Marketing will take you from start-up to your first campaign.

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Account Setup
•    List upload
•    Welcome Letter
•    Social Share
•    Forward to a Friend emails

Campaign Template

•    Custom email format
•    Client colors, branding, logs, and URLs

Campaign Execution

•    Image upload / resizing / best practices
•    Scheduling
•    One-on-one product training
•    On-call support (3 months)

Which plan is right for your business or organization?

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Need a Facebook Page?
Need help navigating through Facebook?
Need help managing your Facebook Page?

Confused? Give a call to discuss training and/or Facebook Management.

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